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Dedications to her Dance Gurus

Dedicate to her Gurus Mrs. Tanjore Lakshmi Ammal and Mrs. Dhanam Ammal, from whom Nalini began the journey in the field of Bharatha  Natyam and graduated  in her young age in Mayavaram, Tamil Nadu.


 Dedicate to her Gurus Master Late Tanjore Arunachalam  Pillai and Mrs. Jayalakshmi Arunachalam, whom taught her advance level in this classical dance in Madras. 

Dedicate to her Guru Master Late Madurai Jayaraman, who guided and taught Nalini about choreographying and Nattuvangam, in Madurai, TamilNadu.


Guru Mrs. Tanjore Lakshmi Ammal
Guru Mrs Tanjore Dhanam Ammal


Guru Master Tanjore Arunachalam Pillai